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I was suffering from big painful pimples. there was not a single part on my face which was not covered with pimples. I went to dr. milind bhatt. He asked me about my nature and dreams, i was bit surprised as i thought, look at him, i am having skin problem and he is asking about my emotions!!! but as i had been to so many skin doctors without any fruitful results, some how i surrendered. I was very irritable with no patience and scary dreams. My dreams started getting better, more positive, started having patience which my entire family noticed as the level of irritability came down drastically. Started gaining the confidence which i had lost due to my appearance. Slowly over a period of 7 months the face became very clear. Thanks to dr.milind, as he not only took care of my skin but changed my entire way of looking at life.....

- Rachana

My father was admitted in one of the renowned Heart Institute in mumbai for Bye pass surgery. On the day of bye pass, his kidneys failed and the doctor refuse to do the bye pass as they said that the kidneys will have to be taken care of. My sister from Miami called and asked me to meet Dr.Milind Bhatt. I and my wife went to him and provided all the details. Somehow understanding Dr.Bhatt's way of treating the patient, i went straight to the hospital and asked for discharge. After giving in writing, i got my father home. Started Dr.Milind Bhatt's medicines. He started passing urine on 3rd day, his serum creatinine came down to 1. Its almost 10 years now, he has never ever got any cardiac discomfort nor any kidney problems. Thanks to Dr.Bhatt. 

- Suresh Panjabi

My daughter at 2 weeks of birth was diagnosed as patient of Dandy Walker Syndrome, its meaning was explained to us by the neurosurgeons as she has a hole in the skull and the brain is projecting 1 finger outside. We met few experts in mumbai and also sent her reports to a US neurosurgeon. He replied " Let the baby die as we cannot do anything in this case. Its 1 in 10 million case.

- Mansi Thakker

I was suffering from recurring lumps in my breast. Got them surgically removed twice but it appeared again. I was referred to Dr. Milind R. Bhatt by one of my friends who had fibroids in uterus ans was advised the removal of uterus. She was cured by Dr. Bhatt. I went to Dr. Bhatt, he made me understand my disease and my life situation, I got convinced and started my treatment. After 8 months I got rid of my lumps, Started getting good sleep, and my irritability vanished. I am off his treatment since 4 years and the lumps never appeared again. Thanks to Dr. Bhatt.

- Radha Sheth

My mother had gone into COMA, she was in the hospital and was on ventilator. One morning the doctor called me and told that we are planning to remove the ventilator as they did not see any chances of my mom's recovery. Someone suggested Dr.Milind Bhatt's name. He came to the hospital and asked about my mom's nature right from her childhood. He asked me, my father individually about my mom, and then he just told me that my mom would speak on 4th day. After he went, the hospital doctors were laughing at him saying he is trying to treat someone who is almost gone!!!!! somehow i gave the medicines as per recommended by dr.bhatt. To my surprise, on 4th day my mom spoke 2 words, one Lord Rama and other mine. On 6th day she started recognizing everyone and on 7th day i got her home... when i informed dr. bhatt about this, he just smiled and said, "JUST KEEP PRAYING" God Bless Him.. 

- Kaushal