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Dreams often reflect your child's hidden emotions

Exams check your intellect and the results prove your capabilities. As the exams approach, the tension and fear factors surface, both in the parents & the child. Parents often tend to compare their child with all intellectuals around and the poor obedient child puts lots of efforts to meet up to their expectations.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

a patient with stiffness, rigidity and pain in all joints!!! with RA factor positive!


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Emotional Suppression

dream of cutting the skin and letting the blood ooze out: this was a dream of a patient who did not reveal her hidden suppressions. after the 1st dose of medicine, she got this dream the same night. Constitutional medicines when taken gives vent to the suppressed emotions and they flow out as dreams.


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Ambitious: Achiever or a Failure

Dream: I am in a roller coaster with 3 other people. Enjoying the ride. going up vertical. i have control over the car, i can make it go fast or slow. There are lots of food joints!!!! I wake up bit tired but its a happy dream.

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Stardom, Struggle, Stress & Suicide (physical or emotional)……………..

Stress, a very commonly used word is becoming a common cause of uncommon situation of our life; I mean an impulse to put an end to your life, commonly known as SUICIDE.

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